Colin Sims

“Sprightlii helps us ensure that local merchants are on-boarded fast, their menus and merchandise are always up-to-date. Together with Sprightlii, we’re immediately notified if an update is required and we are able to stay up-to date. Customers and merchants love us even more now.”

- COLIN SIMS, Chief Operating Officer

How Optimized Their Operations and Merchant Data Entry

Our mission is to help people order from their favorite local businesses and the ones they’ve yet to discover with our simple website and mobile app,” says Kate McGee, Chief Marketing Officer at

  • 40% increase in data entry rate
  • 200% increase in number of daily merchant updates
  • 57% decrease in number of daily data entry errors
Jay Bhattacharya

“Sprightlii has been a valuable resource for enabling sales team to work efficiently and comfortably since we can focus all our time on proactive prospecting and demonstrating the product, rather than researching contact info and building lists. That’s something that we haven’t had before and makes things much easier for each one of our team members.”


How zipmark Optimized Their Operations and Merchant Data Entry

  • Increased demo/month ratio by 300%
  • Added $1MM to sales pipeline using Sprightlii as lead generation source
Rory Crawford

“When we are trusted by the industry’s best, we need to provide the best. Sprightlii as generated a number of results for our company, thus far. From going to 500 up to 950 customers, to focusing on QA and helping with both on-boarding and on-going work. Sprightlii seamlessly integrated with the current team, supported our exponential growth and let us focus on attracting new business. We couldn’t have achieved this without Sprightlii.”


How BevSpot Optimized Their Operations and Data Entry

  • Reduced new client onboarding costs by an average of 67.2%
  • Increased customer satisfaction while growing from 500 up to 950 customers
  • Online sales conversion rates went up to 58% and average deal size by 25%


We understand what it takes to build and grow a successful company. Sprightlii provides you with specialized workers focusing only on your project, delivering the results you need to power your business.

The Business Outsourcing Experts

The key to any prosperous business is building the right team, at the right cost. Sprightlii provides you with professional, reliable assistance for basic tasks such as data entry and lead generation, allowing your team to spend their time and energy on vital aspects of your business.

With a specialty in entrepreneurial outsourcing, we have specific solutions to help take your startup to the next level!

Commitment to Quality at the Right Price

Unfortunately for business owners, not all outsourcing companies are created equal. That is why Sprightlii puts extensive quality control measures in place for all of our workers, ensuring our services are delivered to the highest standard. From employee vetting to constant managerial reviews, we pride ourselves on exceeding your expectations for every project we undertake. The best part? All of our outsourcing solutions are at a price-point that is perfect for any emerging or established business!

Dedicated Team
Dedicated Team Members for You

A strong working relationship is the key to proper outsourcing. Rather than simply assign the first available person to your business, we strategically match a minimum of two workers to your company’s specific needs. This allows the workers to gain intensive knowledge of your process, communicate directly with your team and ensure that there is always somebody familiar with your business available to support you.

business scale
Scale Your Business Rapidly

With business success comes the pressure to quickly add team members to keep up with the increased work demands. Sprightlii allows you to immediately add new, qualified workers for operational tasks, reducing the workload and stress of your team. We are constantly attracting top talents that are ready to join your project the moment that you need!

handle everything
We Handle Everything For You

Don’t have time to read through resumes, schedule interviews or train new staff? We we do, and make sure that you don’t have to worry about a thing when looking new workers. As expert outsourcers, we manage all human resource responsibilities including hiring, training, documentation, payments and more.

You receive all the benefits of professional-grade work, without any of the hassle!

24-7 Support
New York-Based with 24/7 Support

With Sprightlii, you never have to worry about unreturned emails, missed calls or a lack of communication. Our helpful team is available 24/7 to work closely with you to understand your outsourcing needs, offer instant client support and develop a plan that is right for your business. We are committed to being fully transparent about all of our outsourcing processes, as we believe you should know exactly who you are working with.


No matter what your business needs, our professional workers are able to deliver on a wealth of services that are vital to your daily operations.

  • HR

    Human Resources

  • Accounting


  • Data Entry

    Data Entry

  • Logistics


  • Market Research

    Market Research

  • Office Operations

    Office Operations

  • Translation

    Lead Scraping

  • Transcription


  • Software Qa

    Software Qa

  • Data Scrubbing

    Data Scrubbing


Sprightlii team can work 24/7 for you. We will power your business and accelerate your growth.

Shuang Wang



Current CEO at Sprightlii where our mission is to empower every organization from Fortune 500 to startups to achieve more. Previously served in key leadership roles at Mayvien and Accenture. As an entrepreneur with over 12 years of experience driving market share growth, I have mastered the ins and outs of customer relationships, growth and strategy management. Yale MBA graduate.

Voracious reader. Avid traveler who believes in turning ideas into reality. Muay thai and wrestling champion.

Now, I spend the majority of my time brainstorming sales strategies and connecting with other entrepreneurs who are interested in talking shop and empowering local business.